Kanye West’s Old Bodyguard Is Going To Spill All Of The Tea In Upcoming Doco

Kanye West’s former bodyguard Steve Stanulis is working on a hot, gossipy tell-all documentary about his time working for West in 2016.

That year in particular was a bit of a controversial one for the rapper, as he had that meltdown on Saturday Night Live and released his record The Life Of Pablo which saw him take shots at other celebrities like Taylor Swift and Drake. It was also the year where the ‘Famous’ phone call saga occurred, with West and Kardashian last year leaking proof that Swift had actually given West clearance to use the lyric.

Page Six reports that there are currently two streaming services racing to get Stanulis on board to create a doco about West.

Both projects are reportedly looking to center West’s relationship with Stanulis.

“Two studios approached me,” he said. “They see this as a ’48 Hours’ for real, or a ‘Lethal Weapon” for real. It comes from my mouth, I worked with [West] two separate times.”

In the piece, Stanulis has alleged that West once wandered into the wrong hotel room of an Italian grandee at the Waldorf. This action almost started a fight.

“Every day was a new adventure. There are a ton of stories I haven’t told,” he said.

He mentions that there are other guards of West’s who would also be giving testimonies in the doco too, including one who lasted “five minutes” working for West.

The doco is set to be the latest chapter in what has been a tumultuous relationship between West and Stanulis. “I was one of his favorite guys,” Stanulis said – at first. However, since Stanulis parted ways from West, the relationship has gone south, with legal threats coming from both sides as recently as last year when West threatened legal action after Stanulis said that West was one of his “least favourite people to work with” on a Hollywood Raw podcast.

“They threatened to sue me two separate times — once back in the day, and then on a podcast this year. It went viral, and they threatened to sue me again for $10 million, and my attorney countered and it just went away.”

It’s been a bitter relationship, and back in 2016, a rep for West called Stanulis a “sad parasitic maniac” who had “violated every basic human tenet of decency with his story of lies.”

He says that after the doco is released, there will be “Nothing left to be said. I’m saying it all.”

There’s not much detail yet surrounding a potential release date for the doco.


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