Keep Sydney Open Announces New Anti-Lockouts Rally

The Keep Sydney Open movement has announced a new rally to be held in Kings Cross on the night of Saturday, 21st January, in response to the New South Wales Government’s recent changes to Sydney’s controversial lockout laws.

The new rally will see local producer duo Flight Facilities DJ for protestors as they make their way through Kings Cross — an area which has seen numerous venues shut up shop since the lockout laws were introduced.

Speaking about their connection to the area, Flight Facilities’ Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell say:

“Having met in Kings Cross nearly nine years ago, the place holds a special place in our hearts. We, personally, realise the importance of nightlife as a breeding ground for ideas and talent.

“To stand by and watch the continual erosion of a vital stone in the path to our success would be a disservice to Sydney, its music lovers and other potential musicians.”

In December 2016, the NSW Government announced that it would be relaxing lockout laws for live music venues by only half an hour. In response, Keep Sydney Open and The Greens slammed the Government’s response to the Callinan review of Sydney’s lockout laws.

Keep Sydney Open’s Campaign Director Tyson Koh says NSW Premier Mike Baird is “failing” the city and its inhabitants.

“Instead of considering the smart solutions that the greatest cities in the world use to create fun and safe urban environments, heʼs sticking with the blunt, dumb policy of locking up Sydney so he doesnʼt have to think about it anymore,” Koh says.

“A thirty-minute extension will not be enough to reverse the damage being done to the cultural areas and small businesses that make Sydney an exciting place to be. Itʼs barely enough time to line up for the bathroom or get a kebab.

Keep Sydney Open held two rallies in 2016, bringing thousands of locals onto the streets of Sydney to call for changes to the city’s nighttime economy.

Catch details of the movement’s upcoming rally below, or over on the official Facebook event page.

Keep Sydney Open January 2017 Rally

DJ’d by Flight Facilities

Saturday, 21st January

Kings Cross, Sydney

Time TBA

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