Keep Sydney Open Is Considering Running For Parliament

Keep Sydney Open are no strangers to lobbying politicians to push their agenda of liberating Sydney’s nightlife, but now we could see Keep Sydney Open running for NSW parliament in the next state election.

In a new video posted today, KSO talk abut how far the movement has come from their first rally a year and a half ago, highlighting the recent half-hour extension for live music venues and exteneded bottle shop trading hours as big wins for the cause.

KSO frontman Tyson Koh outlines the continued existence of the lockouts as the core reason for considering entering politics, as well as low business confidence in the state.

“NSW is broken and sorely lacking in innovative, fresh ideas that put people first instead of developers and big business,” says Koh. “And that’s why we’re asking you whether we should run for the senate at the next state election.”

“We all know that Keep Sydney Open was founded to challenge the lockouts, but in that whole process we opened up another can of worms on other issues about planning laws, about corruption, about over-development, about how we value arts and culture in this city.

Keep Sydney Open say they need 750 members to run for parliament, and if they gain those members in the next few weeks then that will be a clear sign that the support is there.

Head here if you want to become a member, and head along to KSO’s next event Meet Me In Darlo on October 21st. You can also watch Tyson Koh’s call to arms below.

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