Ke$ha Claims Her Boobs Literally Write Her Songs For Her

Californian popette Ke$ha has told the world that her breasts literally write her hit tunes for her, saying that her songwriting process involves switching off the lights, removing all of her clothes and placing her assets on her piano.

The Timber hit-maker made the statement to London’s Daily Star, saying:

“What I do is I turn off all the lights and I walk over to the piano naked. Then I gently lower myself and my boobs. They go on the keys and I just let them tickle the ivories. They really just go crazy.”

The songwriting boobs should come as no surprise to anyone who remembers Ke$ha’s haunted vagina, with the 26-year-old singer-songwriter last year telling the world that her single Supernatural was based on a sexual encounter she had with a ghost.

And three months ago she confessed to Jimmy Kimmel that the ghostly presence may not have ever left her hoo-ha, saying that she had to consult a hypnotherapist about the situation:

“I was told I had dead people in me so I called … my hypnotherapist. So then she said she had to exorcise my body. And then I got a ghost meter to read it and it just beeped at my vagina.”

Here at Music Feeds, we hope the knowledge that boobs really can write songs fills the hole left in your heart when you found out the Ke$ha/Flaming Lips collaborative album was no longer going ahead.

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