Keith Richards’ Daughter Nabbed For Graffiti, Drug Possession

Proving perhaps that the devil’s blood truly does run in the family, Theodora Richards, daughter of the Rolling Stones’ shambolically Byronic guitarist Keith Richards, has been arrested in New York this week for graffiti and drug possession.

The AP reports that the 25-year-old model was released on Wednesday having not entered a plea, neither did she give a statement to the media.

Officers are reported to have witnessed Richard scrawling ‘T [heart] A’ on the side of a building in one of Manhattan’s more salubrious districts. After taking her into custody, police found in her possession a paint marker, a small amount of marijuana and pain relieving drug hydrocodone, for which she had no prescription.

Richards, who lives in Soho, New York City, is reported to have told officers, “I hope I don’t get in trouble for this.”

Theodora is one of Richards’ four offspring, and is the elder of two daughters Richards sired with model and actress Patti Hansen.

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