Kele Okereke Still In Bloc Party

Kele Okereke has not been kicked out of Bloc Party, it’s all been a joke. The Bloc party and Kele official websites have both posted a photo (pictured above) with text simply stating “Bloc Party is still Bloc Party”.

It all started last week when Kele told NME:

I was actually having lunch about three weeks ago, just here on 8th Avenue, and I saw somebody walk past and I recognised the haircut,” he said. It was Russell. I was like, ‘Hey!’ but he didn’t see me, and I followed him around the corner and then I saw Matt, Gordon and Russell all standing outside this rehearsal space. They all went inside… I hope I haven’t been fired

Then yesterday NME quoted Russell Lissack saying:

It’s not really a secret because Kele’s been pretty busy doing solo stuff and it looks like he’s going to be doing that a bit longer. The other three of us wanted to meet up and make music. We were talking about just doing an instrumental thing, but now we might get a singer as well, to properly put some music out and play some shows … I haven’t spoken to Kele for a couple of months, I guess since the festivals when I was doing stuff with Ash. But there’s no bad vibes

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