Kendrick Lamar Stars In New Reebok Commercial

In collaboration with Reebok, Kendrick Lamar released his new line of shoes earlier in 2016.

The shoe is called the Kendrick Lamar Classic Leather, and now King Kendrick has appeared in a commercial for the new sneaker.

This new ad was directed by Colin Tilley, the same Tilley who directed the videoclip for Lamar’s Alright music video. It features Lamar walking through a mansion, delivering some spoken lines about self-expression and himself.

“From the very heart of me, belief becomes action and no distractions will take my eyes off the prize,” says Lamar.  “Greatness is my goal, but there is failure on the way. Full of insecurity, self hate, and doubt. But what I can’t control can’t confine me. And what I can’t do can’t stop me. This is how I express myself, not how I follow others expectations but how I stay true.”

Whether there is any real deeper meaning other than the desire to promote his own brand is another question, but Lamar offered some explanation. “There’s a lot of people out there chasing trends and showboating—trying to keep up and stay in front of the cameras,” he explained to Billboard “My style has always just been me, and I respect a shoe, a company or a fan that is true to its roots and where it came from. That’s me. That’s also Classic Leather.”

Check out the clip below.

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