Kendrick Lamar’s Squiggle Signature On His Signed LPs Has Fans Confused And Angry

Many consider Kendrick Lamar to be perfect but it seems we have found one flaw – his signature.

As Noisey points out, fans were left a little confused when they were sent signed copies of his latest LP untitled unmastered because his signature appeared to be nothing more than a squiggle.

The LPs had been pre-ordered and the recipients obviously expected to get something that vaguely made out Kendrick’s name but instead they were given a wavy looking figure that almost looks as if the pen slipped.

A number of people have taken to Twitter to show off the questionable signature with one buyer writing, “I love you but this is the worst signature I’ve ever seen.”

Another fan said he felt “unappreciated,” while one asked if they seriously thought people would believe his signature was a “lil squiggly line that literally doesn’t say anything”.

Either Kendrick’s got lazy with writing out his signature hundreds of times or he’s got somebody else to do it for him. It could also genuinely be his signature and in that case everybody needs to calm down and offer him alternative signatures.

Lamar or his label are yet to respond.

Listen: Kendrick Lamar – untitled 07 levitate

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