Kerry King Says He’s ‘Proud’ Of New Slayer Album Material

Guitarist for thrash metal legends Slayer, Kerry King has opened up about plans for the band’s next studio album, a follow-up to 2009’s World Painted Blood, after frontman Tom Araya indicated he wasn’t sure of the future of the band, following the death of guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

“January is the thought [for a possible start for the recording sessions],” King told The Toronto Star. “And I always say ‘thought,’ because as soon as I say something, it’s always later than that. But that’s my thought, anyway. Me and Paul [Bostaph, drums] have, like, 11 demos of different songs.”

“I think there’s four more that I’ve still gotta teach him,” King added. “So that’s just my stuff. But with those 11 or 15 songs, we’re way ahead of the game.” Araya previously expressed uncertainty at the band’s future, saying he and King would “have to sit down and talk” after Slayer’s current tour.

Regarding musical direction, King said there would be little change from their previous ten albums, “The most offensive question is ‘How is your next record going to differ from your last one?’ It’s not. That doesn’t mean that the next 10 songs are gonna sound just like those songs.”

“That’s not really why you like us, anyway,” the guitarist continued. “We’re not that band that has to be the chameleon and change every couple of years and do a complete left turn. I don’t listen to metal for that. I listen to metal because I like what bands sound like.”

King also expressed enthusiasm for the new material and indicated that it would please fans, saying, “Our new stuff, people are going to shit. I’m proud.” King also addressed Araya’s claims, saying that there was no doubt that Slayer would continue following Hanneman’s death.

“It’s just my job,” said King. “It’s a kick-ass job, it’s a fun job, but at the end of the day, it is my job. If somebody close to you dies, you don’t stop working, you know what I mean? Even if it’s a person who worked with you, you’ve still gotta go make money…you suck it up and move forward.”

(Via Blabbermouth)

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