Kerser Calls Out Triple J For Lack Of Support

Kerser is back in the headlines today throwing shade at triple j for not playing his music, while at the same time stating he doesn’t need their support.

“I feel like I have been ignored by that station and the industry and they are meant to be playing music which appeals to youth,” he told in a recent interview.

Having reached the ARIA Chart Top 10 with 2013’s SCOT, and with his monthly YouTube videos now up to over 35 millions views, Kerser has proven his music has struck a chord with Australian listeners, yet still the national youth broadcaster “just won’t play it and I can’t put my finger on why.”

“If they checked out my shows or social media, they would realise that a lot of youth are into Kerser” he went on to point out.

He hardly seems too fussed about it all though, as he’s recently inked a deal on his own record label ABK Records, backed by Warner Music, as fans eagerly await his fifth studio album The Next Step which drops tomorrow. As far as he is concerned, he’s already succeeded without the station’s help, so why would he need it now?

“I personally don’t think I need them when I have got to where I am and they have ignored me for this long. I can put a clip on YouTube and get 300,000 views,” he said.

The album itself is also pretty liberal with the disses, as our review notes, Kerser once again taking aim at fellow Aussie rappers, with Allday copping some flak this time, as well as A Current Affair‘s Tracy Grimshaw, with the rapper employing some (unfortunate, unnecessary and unacceptable) sexist and homophobic language as he does so.

For Kerser though, this kind of speech is about keeping it real and while we here at Music Feeds don’t agree with or condone it, we’d be lying if we said dealing with such offensive language wasn’t part and parcel of being Australian (we all have one of those ‘I’m not racist but’ friends/relatives).

However if you want to find out more about the new album, him getting major label support, his new label, his split with producer Nebs on the latest record and much much more stay tuned for our interview with the rapper coming soon.

In the meantime, check out the latest entry in his series of monthly YouTube videos here below.

Kerser – The Next Step

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