KFC Makes Bizarre Attempt To Sell Zinger Burgers Using Vegetarian Courtney Barnett

OK, what’s with KFC and its sudden obsession with vegetarian Aussie musos?

Like some kind of weird stalker, the Colonel seems to be pursuing a relationship with Australia’s musical meat-shunners, which is very clearly barking up the wrong burger box.

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Sorry KFC, you’re cool and all, but it’s just wrong on a molecular level.

In the latest incident, the fast food chain has attempted to sell chicken with the help of one of our top string-strumming vegos, Courtney Barnett (unbeknownst to her).

The KFC Australia Facebook page posted a congratulatory message to Barnett following the news of her recent Grammy nomination, along with the play on words: “Sometimes I sit and eat KFC and sometimes I just sit”, referencing the title of Barnett’s album.

It came complete with a giant image of a dripping Zinger Bacon & Cheese burger, something which Barnett – a proud vegetarian – wouldn’t touch.

Zinger burgers may be bloody delicious KFC, but that was in poor taste.

Sometimes I sit and eat KFC and sometimes I just sit. Congrats courtney barnett on Grammy nomination 󾔯

Posted by KFC on Monday, December 7, 2015

Not to mention poor timing. Barnett has actually taken to Instagram now, calling out KFC and their chicken hocking methods.

“I haven’t eaten chicken since I was 18, and when I did eat chicken, i don’t think I ever once ate a KFC chicken burger ever,” the Grammy-nominated singer told her 46.1k followers.

It follows more drama this week surrounding a new KFC ad that features a piece of music from vaunted Aussie vego, Xavier Rudd.

Rudd’s fans were notably upset because the animal rights activist allowed his song to be used to hock the Colonel’s eleven secret herbs & spices. Unlike Barnett though, Rudd is yet to respond.

Maybe KFC should stick to writing their own songs to sell chicken instead of looking to Australia’s top vegetarian artists to do it for them?

Oh. Now it all makes sense.

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