Kid Cudi Reveals Details On New Album, ‘Indicud’ – Coming Early 2013

Kid Cudi has embarked on one of his oh-so-regular Twitter rants, though this one happened to be filled with gems of info on his forthcoming album. The rapper has revealed just about everything on the release, slating in an early 2013 release date.

Indicud, Cudi’s third album, is set to see the artist take a much more “positive and confident” approach to his music, featuring “wayy [sic] more uptempos”, that allow “the energy of indicud is its own new thing”. Fans can expect an album far more lively than his more recent, slightly twisted and dark Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

Also addressed in the rant was the formatting of the album. What had been mentioned to be a double-CD release is not going to be just 1 disk, but with a full 17-new tracks to check out. Along with the new album, Cudi also seems to be working with fellow rapper King Chip, as well as being hard at work on his own his own Man on the Moon III LP.

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