I Killed The Prom Queen Reflect On Their “Abominable” Time In A Malaysian Prison

Adelaide metalcore outfit I Killed The Prom Queen have shared further details about their “abominable” time in a Malaysian prison, which they were “very relieved” to be released from earlier this week.

Posting to Facebook, IKTPQ guitarist Kevin Cameron says the band were put in jail “due to our promoter’s negligence in securing us the appropriate permissions to perform in Malaysia”. The band say the promoter received a warning from immigration officials but failed to tell the band.

Cameron describes the prison in which the band were held as “standard, 3rd world condition Malaysian prison, huddled on a wet tile floor of a 5×10 cell with 35 other inmates”.

“As a band who has spent the majority of the last decade performing legally worldwide, we totally understand how to operate appropriately and were majorly let down on this occasion after quadruple checking that we were ‘safe’ to perform in this territory with no backlash,” Cameron says.

“Shocked and disappointed of being flat out lied to and having our lives put in such a predicament is an understatement, especially since the initial consensus would be incarcerated for 14 days minimal, and in all honesty we were led to assume that after that time we would turn into a forgotten statistic.”

Remembering some of the stranger moments from the band’s time in detention, Cameron says, “Having most of the investigators/admin of the prison gleefully wanting ‘fan’ photos and signatures on posters and wearing IKTPQ shirts was like something out of The Twilight Zone.” Freaky stuff.

Aside from apologising to IKTPQ’s Indonesian fans for the band’s disappearance, Cameron says that “however abominable we found the conditions and treatment, such nuances pale in comparison to not only the heartbreaking worldwide events of this week and the millions of individuals living in these horror conditions for much much longer”.

I Killed The Prom Queen were put into immigration detention on Saturday on the grounds of a visa error, and were released on Monday, earlier than expected. The group missed the last stop on their current tour in Indonesia due to the mishap.

Read Kevin Cameron’s Facebook post in full alongside some of his bandmate Jona Weinhofen’s latest comments, below.

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Posted by I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

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