Killswitch Engage Return To Original Line-up

A photo appeared on the band’s website, showing the change in vocalists. The band parted ways with Howard Jones, and released this statement as justification “He has left big shoes to fill so we certainly have our work cut out for us to find the next singer of Killswitch, something we plan making priority number one going forward.”

Leach left the band in 2002, with bassist Mark D’Antonio informing Blabbermouth that “Basically, his life on tour consisted of staying in the van the whole time which kind of drove him stir crazy. Towards the end of the tour he was bugging out because he couldn’t deal with being in the van. And he had just gotten married, and his wife was missing him, and he was missing his wife, and there were complications with his home life, and all these other things. We received an email stating that he had quit the band and that was pretty much it. After three years of hanging out with the dude, and considering him a brother, to just get an email was a little bit harsh.” If this behaviour will continue on tour, is remained to be seen.

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