King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Announce “Very Metal” Second Album Of 2019, ‘Infest the Rats’ Nest’

It hasn’t been two months since King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard released Fishing For Fishies, their fourteenth studio album. Now, they’ve announce their fifteenth is on its way, Infest the Rats’ Nest.

Infest the Rats’ Nest will feature both of their recent thrash metal AF singles, ‘Self-Immolate’ and ‘Planet B’.

In a statement, Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard said, “In year 4 there was an older kid who was into Rammstein.”

“I made friends with him and we put together a performance at our school assembly where we headbanged to ‘Du Hast.’ I got whiplash, which I thought was pretty cool. That was my introduction to heavy metal, and soon Rammstein led to Metallica, Metallica led to Slayer, Slayer led to Kreator and Sodom.

“The German bands really kicked my ass and scared the hell out of me too. Later on, when I picked up a guitar I realised that shit was too hard to play, so I got into rock ‘n’ roll and garage. That was liberating.”

According to the band’s statement, the record will be their “hardest and heaviest album to date. How metal is it? Very Metal. Maybe even more.”

“We couldn’t have made this record until this year,” Frontman Stu Mackenzie told the Sydney Morning Herald. “We’ve had this progression of records influenced by heavy metal, but they’ve never been heavy metal. It’s been this energy we’ve never learnt how to play, because we learnt to play from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.”

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard embark on their tour next week — the national tour will see them play nine shows across five cities.

Have a listen to both of their new thrashers, ‘Self-Immolate’ and ‘Planet B’ down below and check out the tracklisting.

Infest The Rats’ Nest is out Friday, 16th August and is available for pre-order at 9am, Tuesday 25th June.

Infest The Rats’ Nest Tracklisting

1. Planet B⠀

2. Mars For The Rich⠀

3. Organ Farmer⠀

4. Superbug⠀

5. Venusian 1⠀

6. Perihelion⠀

7. Venusian 2⠀

8. Self-Immolate⠀

9. Hell

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