King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Want You To Bootleg Their Music

Keeping alive a healthy tradition of defying the norm, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are now inviting fans to bootleg the f*ck out of their music.

The Melbourne psych-rock collective have launched a new platform on their website dubbed ‘Bootlegger’ which tools fans up to flog their master recordings anywhere and everywhere.

So what they’ve done is they’ve uploaded the master recordings of nine albums — including a new rarities album called Teenage Gizzard and their 2017 full-length Polygondwanaland — and are now encouraging anyone who’s interested to re-release them however they damn well please.

“Yo indie labels, bootleggers, fans, weirdos,” King Gizz write. “We’ve got a deal for ya…If anyone wants to release these albums, you’re free to do so. Below you’ll find links to audio master files and cover art. Feel free to get creative with it if you like – it’s yours.

“Only deal is you’ve gotta send us some of them to sell on GIZZVERSE.COM – whatever you feel is a fair trade is cool with us,” they continue. “Ideas: double LPs, 7”, remix, reimagined cover art, bizarre looking wax, live show box sets, tapes. Or keep it simple – that’s totally ok. Anyone keen?!”

That doesn’t include Polygondwanaland though because, as King Gizz clarify, it’s “free as in free”.

The psychedelic genre-melders only released their latest album K.G. last month. While Chunky Shrapnel landed back in April.

They’ve since released yet another new track, the jazztastic ‘If Not Now, Then When?’ which you can listen to below.

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