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KISS’ Gene Simmons Stacks It On Stage In His Platforms

Legendary rocker and slowly-but-surely-becoming-a-jerk-with-age KISS frontman Gene Simmons has felt an all-too-human chill down his spine over the weekend as he stacked it on stage, taking a tumble in his platform shoes.

As the band performed their generation-defining hit Rock And Roll All Nite, things got wild on stage, cannons shooting hurricanes of confetti, lights, flashes, loud noises, which maybe proved to be too much with Simmons falling directly backwards midway through.

Simmons appears to be the latest musician to fall out of grace with the gods of rock. Corey Taylor felt their ire recently, (and then again soon after), Meatloaf too took a tumble. The Edge, well, The Edge had been dodging it since How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Whatever Dave Grohl did to feel the wrath remains a mystery, and Bieber too rocked the spirits – perhaps due to his sartorial choicesand too fell flat.

Praise be to the God Of Rock.

Perhaps Simmons’ turn had something to do with his inappropriate comments about the passing of Prince.

Watch it all unfold here below.

WATCH: Gene Simmons Falling Onstage

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