Korn Getting Ready To Start Follow Up Album To ‘The Path of Totality’

Blabbermouth have reported that Korn are in the process of getting ready to record a follow-up to 2011’s dubstep-induced record The Path of Totality. When speaking with Billboard, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis said the sound of the band’s upcoming 11th studio album won’t be as electronically based.

“Our motto is to keep ever-evolving… I’m sure there’ll still be some electronic influence in there, but I don’t think it’ll be like the last one and go to all those different guys again. We’ll switch it up and try to do something new, ’cause that’s how we work,” Davis said.

In the meantime, Davis continues to work on his solo material under the alias of J Devil, hoping to have a new EP out under his electronic music-based moniker soon.

“Making electronic music and learning to produce and learning my new instrument — laptop, I call it — has been an amazing thing. I’m learning and I’m having fun playing my own tunes. I’ve really had to re-train myself. It’s totally different than writing rock songs,” Davis said.

“There’s always haters and people going, ‘What the f*** is he doing?!’… But there have been people who have taken me on and helped me. A lot of the big DJs have helped me, and most of the people have been pretty open and digging it,” said Davis, adding, “After every Korn show I come offstage, take a shower and I start writing”.

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