Kreayshawn Reveals How She Was Catfished By A Fake Diplo

In a foiled online romance story worthy of commentary from Catfish host Nev Schulman, US rapper Kreayshawn has revealed she spent years in an online relationship of the intimate kind with Diplo, only to find out it wasn’t actually him.

The Gucci Gucci singer explained the whole debacle in a video announcement, saying she only just realised she had been trolled for years. The ordeal, she explains, dates back to 2009 when a video she made of her and her friends was posted on Mad Decent’s fan blog, the record label run by Diplo.

Soon after, she got an email from said Diplo impersonator and for about two to three years they were involved in a casual email correspondence, which included the occasional dick pic and sex tape request.

Despite having met the Major Lazer producer in person in that time, even getting him to produce on her album, Kreayshawn says she only realised she had been duped when, within the whims of nostalgia, she DMed one of those pictures to the real Diplo on Twitter.

He quickly informed her that the featured body part did not belong to him. Apparently, Diplo sports a very distinguishing tattoo in that region.

The singer goes on to explain how despite enduring years of lies, her Diplo troll really inspired her and encouraged her to keep making videos and “keep doing her thing”.”Honestly, I think it was a crazy ex-boyfriend,” she explains. “What kind of girl…doesn’t have one of those?”

Watch: How Kreayshawn Got Catfished By A Fake Diplo

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