Labor Slams Government For Rita Ora’s Arrival In Australia

Labor has slammed the government over the decision to allow London pop star Rita Ora into the country. They’ve called the decision another example of the prime minister “leaving Australians behind”.

Rita Ora has landed in Australia, despite border closures, with two weeks of quarantine ahead of her in a Sydney hotel. She’s here to appear on Channel Seven’s The Voice.

The opposition party have criticised the government’s decision to allow Rita Ora to isolate in hotel quarantine.

Hotel quarantine spots are capped at roughly 4,250 per week, with roughly 39,000 Australians still to come home.

Labor’s home affairs spokeswoman, Kristina Keneally has told The Guardian, “It’s another example of Scott Morrison leaving Australians behind.”

“There are still 40,000 Australians stranded overseas. Every celebrity who takes up a place in quarantine is a place denied to a stranded Australian.”

Rita Ora has already come under scrutiny with COVID-19. It was reported last year that she’d broken lockdown to host a 30th birthday party in London back in November.

Reports said she’d paid a restaurant £5,000 to host her 17 guests.

The birthday party was a lockdown breach, but as well as that, Ora should have already been in a 14-day mandatory self-isolation period, as she’d just returned from Egypt on the 21st November.

She apologised for her actions and offered to pay a £10,000 fine.

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