Lady Gaga Claims Pic Of Metallica Crowd Is Her Own Audience

Lady Gaga posted a photo of the mammoth crowd in attendance during her performance at Festival D’été in Quebec to Instagram over the weekend, describing the night as “magical.” The only problem was that the “magical” night depicted in the photo actually belonged to Metallica.

Though Gaga’s performance at the Canadian festival drew a very respectable 90,000 people, this was 40,000 less than the 130,000 attendees that showed up for Metallica’s appearance at the same event three years earlier, i.e. the event that was depicted in the photo she shared to her Instagram.

“Those little dots are fans, and that’s our stage and lights beaming from the center,” wrote the reigning queen of pop or whoever it is that manages her social media account. “Unreal 90,000 ppl showed up! What a magical night,” she added, before hash-tagging with #artraveQuebec.

After various blogs and an irate Metallica fan or two pointed out Gaga’s mistake, the singer quickly took to Twitter to correct the error and post actual photos from her own appearance. Gaga insisted she “was not trying to fool anyone” and then used the opportunity to take a jab at Madonna.

“Maybe the Madonna fans on your site can use a microscope to count the fans,” Gaga tweeted in response to celebrity gossip site Oh No They Didn’t. Apparently the bad blood still flows since Madge criticised Gaga for the similarities between her hit Express Yourself and Gaga’s Born This Way.

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