Lady Gaga Does A Justin Bieber, Vomits On Stage In Barcelona

What are the world’s biggest pop stars having for breakfast these days?

First up, Justin Beiber lost his lunch (and made us lose ours laughing at it) last week when he vomited on stage in Arizona, after supposedly drinking milk before he started performing.

Now, Lady Gaga has thrown up on stage not once, but four times in her gig in Barcelona over the weekend.

The singer was ironically playing her song Edge of Glory when, according to The Sun, she doubled over and lost her lunch as she came down the stairs at the Palau Saint Jordi Stadium. She then chundered a few times more as she reached the stage. One of her backing dancers tried to shield Gaga from the audience, but it was pretty impossible not to see she was in some sort of agony.

Gaga has made no comment on her own sickness and the incident; however, she mentioned on Twitter that she was eating paella just before the performance.

Here’s some YouTube footage of the incident:

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