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Image for Lamb Of God Fan Sues Live Nation For Spinal Injuries Sustained At Gig

Lamb Of God Fan Sues Live Nation For Spinal Injuries Sustained At Gig

Written by Nastassia Baroni on January 7, 2015

Tour promoters Live Nation are reportedly facing a lawsuit filed by a Lamb Of God fan for spinal injuries sustained when he was allegedly trampled during a 2012 Lamb of God concert in Connecticut.

According to TMZ, metal fan William Tarantino claims that during the show he was knocked to the ground and suffered spinal injuries due to what he claims was Live Nation’s “negligence and carelessness.”

He is seeking damages of more than $75,000 for injuries that include “multiple traumatic fractures of the cervical spine requiring surgical fusion” as well as bruises, contusions, “permanent impairment of the cervical spine”, scarring, chronic pain and shock.

According to his complaint, Live Nation failed “to provide adequate security for its event” and should have known that patrons attending a Lamb Of God show “were prone to altercations and/or creating conditions that posed a danger to the safely of other patrons”.

While the suit is not aimed at Lamb Of God, it follows the acquittal of the band’s frontman Randy Blythe, who spent more than a month in Czech prison on manslaughter charges following the death of a fan at a show.

Following his acquittal, Blythe penned a lengthy blog post urging fans, musicians and promoters to act safely at shows. “If you are playing a show, make sure that security is adequate and that barricades are properly placed. A dead fan of my band would still be alive today if those two things had been in place in Prague that night in 2010,” he wrote.

“If you are a fan and are going to a lamb of god show or ANY SHOW where there will be moshing, crowd surfing, etc.- know that what you are doing carries a risk,” he added. “Also, for Pete’s sake, if you are moshing and someone falls down, PICK THEM UP…This is our community, and we should take care of each other. A show is a place we are supposed to be together, having a good time, supporting one another. The real world will beat you down enough- we don’t need to get stomped on at a show. Give each other a hand.”

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