Lamb Of God Speak About Upcoming Film

While the entire metal community gathers in the UK, not only for Download Festival but also for the prestigious Kerrang Awards, Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe has taken time to explain their up-and-coming project: a documentary on the band.

Though before you roll your eyes at the thought of another standard band doco hitting the shelves, Blythe explains that, rather than stock-standard footage and interview, this one relies more on fan involvement than the actual band.

Blythe tells Kerrang that: “It’s really not about us so much; it’s about our fans… We get to travel the world and play some pretty unique places. The UK was very strange to us when we first came here, but now it’s old hat. It’s culturally quite similar to America, comparatively to like South America or India or Israel or Japan.”

Blythe further explains the concept in the interview, which you can check out below, “So we’ve been interviewing our fans in these different areas of the world, where the culture is quite different from ours, in order to show that the music scene, and particularly the heavy metal, hardcore, punk-rock, underground music scene, is really the same throughout the world… It shows sort of a unifying theme in humanity, I think. The music sort of transcends racial, ethnic, political, cultural boundaries.”

LOG are currently touring all over the place off the back of their most recent release Resolution. No word yet on the title or the Australian release date, but if it’s Lamb of God, it’s going to be great.

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