Laura March Tour 2011 + This Grey Earth’ | Mark The Day. Out March 4

Melbourne band Laura has announced a March 2011 tour on the back of their limited edition double a-side 7 inch ‘This Grey Earth’ | Mark The Day’.

For those familiar with the music of Laura, the extraordinary, broody craftsmanship displayed on this latest offering will be no surprise. Indeed, the band boasts one of the most impressive and well-received bodies of work produced by an Australian underground act in recent years.

Laura released their debut album ‘Mapping Your Dreams’ in 2004 and second album ‘Radio Swan Is Down’ in 2006, which gained the attention of international ears including US prog-metal group ISIS, for whom Laura would go on to support on their 2007 Australian tour. Global exposure continued throughout 2008 and 2009 with album releases in Japan and in the US, a tour of Japan, and a deal with MTV that saw the television giant licensing several of the band’s songs for various TV series.

This March, Laura will return to the stage in support of the release of the ‘This Grey Earth’ | Mark The Day’ 7-inch with series of performances in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Enigma Bar. Adelaide

Friday March 4

East Brunswick Club. Melbourne

Saturday March 5

Sandringham Hotel. Sydney

Friday March 18

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