Lawsuit Over “1,000 Splinters” Real Pain In The Bum For Live Nation

New Jersey schoolteacher Linda Vanston has levelled a lawsuit against events promoter Live Nation for unspecified damages, claiming she slid down a bench during an Engelbert Humperdinck concert at a NY venue to make room for another fan and ended up with 1,000 splinters in her rear.

The NY Post reports the 55-year-old was wearing silk pants when she attended the concert at the NYCB Theater in Westbury, Long Island, a venue owned by Live Nation. “She was not aware that the bench had exposed sharp shards of wood sticking out of it,” said her lawyer Rosemarie Arnold.

“She stood up to look at what had happened, and she saw the frayed wood on the bench,” Ms Arnold added. Since the splinters became lodged under Vanston’s skin during the April 2011 concert, they have reportedly been coming out in the dozens every day. According to her Nassau County Supreme Court suit, Vanston has received “painful injections to help dislodge” the splinters.

The suit also claims that she had to take time off from work and has been left with limited mobility from the incident. Live Nation, who were also recently levelled with a class action suit citing labor breaches, have so far not responded to the New York Post‘s request for a comment on the case.

As Music Feeds reported yesterday, a group of festival volunteers have filed a class action lawsuit against Live Nation and Insomniac Events, claiming the promoters misled volunteers in order to have them “carry out the work of paid employees,” breaching the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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