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Leave 360 Alone! DJ Craze Speaks Up

Written by Mike Hohnen on May 29, 2012

An insanely talented artist, World champion DJ, and mastermind behind Slow Roast Records, DJ Craze is in town and has a message for the haters of local rapper 360, stating during a Q&A session filmed my Music Feeds TV that 360 is in fact, the man.

Craze responded to a question regarding the embattled rapper: “I really like 360…I’m a battle fan, Grind Time and all the battle circuits IRL, King of the dot…even though I know some people hate him now because he’s making pop music (laughs) yeah, sure he’s the man, I really like him”.

Though it’s not like 60 needs any help. He recently berated his haters personally with the short but effective advice to ‘fuck off’. Personally, I can’t see why people are attacking 360, selling out 8 shows in the blink of an eye as well as contributing to Come Together 2012 selling out…though, I suppose 360 is the same as all of us, focusing on the negative rather than the positive.

Craze finishes off the questions by confirming that he would make a track with 360.

360 Vs. The Haters continues…

You can check out more footage from the Q and A session here.

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