Leave 360 Alone! DJ Craze Speaks Up

An insanely talented artist, World champion DJ, and mastermind behind Slow Roast Records, DJ Craze is in town and has a message for the haters of local rapper 360, stating during a Q&A session filmed my Music Feeds TV that 360 is in fact, the man.

Craze responded to a question regarding the embattled rapper: “I really like 360…I’m a battle fan, Grind Time and all the battle circuits IRL, King of the dot…even though I know some people hate him now because he’s making pop music (laughs) yeah, sure he’s the man, I really like him”.

Though it’s not like 60 needs any help. He recently berated his haters personally with the short but effective advice to ‘fuck off’. Personally, I can’t see why people are attacking 360, selling out 8 shows in the blink of an eye as well as contributing to Come Together 2012 selling out…though, I suppose 360 is the same as all of us, focusing on the negative rather than the positive.

Craze finishes off the questions by confirming that he would make a track with 360.

360 Vs. The Haters continues…

You can check out more footage from the Q and A session here.

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