Liam Gallagher Actually Found Someone To Peel A Potato At His London Show

Liam Gallagher has taken his obsession with potatoes to another level, finding someone to peel one while he played a show in London.

ICYMI, Liam’s nickname for his brother Noel is ‘potato’ and he refers to him as ‘potato’ on Twitter whenever he’s got some sort of critique to throw his way.

Last week, Noel performed on television in the UK with someone in his band High Flying Birds who was literally playing scissors for the performance.

After the performance, Liam made jokes that he had “somebody peeling a banana on stage,” but then he took it one step further by putting the call out for, “somebody to peel some spuds live on stage,” at his own show.

Well, he managed to find someone and by all reports the spud peeler did a mighty fine job. Judging by the videos that have emerged the peeler was barely audible but we doubt that was Liam’s intent in all of this.

He took to Twitter following the performance to thank the guy writing, “To the peeler who peeled his little heart out last night you my friend are truly out there psychedelic even as you were King Parka Monkey.”

Calling it, “psychedelic” was another jab at his brother who has used that word to describe his new album.

This Gallagher feud just gets stranger by the day.

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