Liam Gallagher Apologises After Brother Noel Shares “Threatening” Messages Sent To Daughter

The ongoing feud between former Oasis members, brother Noel and Liam Gallagher has taken another nasty turn, after Noel released screenshots that appear to show messages Liam sent to Noel’s 19-year old daughter Anais.

In the message allegedly sent by Liam, Anais is warned that her stepmother, Noel’s wife Sara McDonald, should “be very careful” alongside a screenshot in which McDonald calls his recent Glastonbury set “a fat twat doing a tribute act”.

Noel went on to criticise his brother for the message. “So you’re sending threatening messages via my teenage daughter, are you now?” wrote Noel in a Twitter post. “You were always good at intimidating women though, eh?”

“What you planning on doing anyway? Grabbing my wife by the throat to show her who’s boss,” he wrote – referring to Liam being questioned by police late last year concerning an incident where he was accused of assaulting girlfriend Debbie Gwyther.

Liam has since offered his apologies for involving family members in the brothers’ feud on Twitter.

“My sincere apologies to my beautiful mum Peggy and my lovely niece Anais for getting caught up in all of this childish behaviour”, he wrote. “I love you both dearly.”

Of course, this is far from the first time the brothers have come out against one another. As NME reports, Liam took to – no surprises – Twitter back in February to lash out against McDonald, calling her a “witch” and claiming she was “the reason Oasis is no longer”.

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