The Liberal Party Just Tried To Insult Labor Using Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’

There’s obviously some bad blood between Australia’s two major political parties, and today some of that blood was spilled over Taylor Swift‘s latest album 1989 when Treasurer Scott Morrison compared Labor’s economic plan to what’s widely considered to be Tay’s best record.

Labor leader Bill Shorten and Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen announced Labor’s 10-year economic plan earlier this week, so the Liberals came up with this, uh, interesting dig at both Labor and old mate Tay Tay…

While the Liberals’ lacklustre attempt at a quick Labor meme should technically read “fewer words” and not “less words”, punters have been quick to point out that 1989 is considered by many to be Taylor Swift’s best album…

liberal party taylor swift meme facebook screenshot 1

…while Labor advocates have had a bit of fun:

liberal party taylor swift meme facebook screenshot 2

Scott Morrison brought the Liberals’ 1989 pseudo-meme to life later in the day, while speaking about Labor’s 10-year plan to balance the budget by 2021 — the same year the Liberals say they would also balance the budget.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Morrison compared Labor not only to Tay Tay but also to the dimwitted fictional male model Derek Zoolander. That’s two awkward pop culture references in one!

Here’s the pretty awks moment in all its glory:

Interestingly, the last time a Labor government achieved a surplus was during the Hawke-Keating government back in 1989. Coincidence????

taylor swift 1989 cover gif

The Liberals have had their fun at Tay’s expense, just like Labor Senator Sam Dastyari did when he used some Tay Tay lyrics to slam the Liberal Party in parliament last year. So all in all, the major parties are pretty much as guilty as each other when it comes to Tay-sploitation.

Meanwhile, Greens leader Richard Di Natale has been keeping to himself and singing Bohemian Rhapsody in his car recently, inadvertently recreating a famous scene from Wayne’s World.

The 2016 Australian federal election is going down on Saturday, 2nd July, and the country is clearly spoiled for choice.

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