Lily Allen Tells Feminist Critics To “F-ck Off”

Lily Allen has taken to Twitter to counter critics of comments she recently made to UK men’s magazine ShortList, whilst speaking as guest editor. She says comments she made about feminism were taken out of context in a flurry of editorial pieces, taking one writer in particular to task.

“Feminism. I hate that word because it shouldn’t even be a thing anymore,” Allen told ShortList. “We’re all equal, everyone is equal. Why is there even a conversation about feminism? What’s the man version of feminism? There isn’t even a word for it. Menanism. Male-ism. It doesn’t exist.”

“I don’t think men are the enemy. I think women are the enemy. I know that when I’m sitting in a restaurant and a really beautiful woman walks in, who’s skinny, I instinctively think, ‘Oh, she’s really skinny and beautiful and I’m really fat and ugly.’ So it’s more of a competitive thing. It’s weird.”

“It’s just really unhealthy and we’re our own worst enemy,” added Allen. These comments, Allen says, were taken out of context, prompting her to issue a response in which she wrote:

“Unless you’re standing outside Downing Street with one of those Australian bush hats with dirty tampons in place of corks shouting ‘equal rights for men and women’, you’ve got no place telling me what kind of feminist I am or am not. F-ck off.”

Allen then told Holy Moly!‘s Becca Day-Preston, “I really think you read that article and misunderstood what I was saying, which is a shame because I can see that we share the views, but you decided you wanted to make me look like a moron instead for daring to talk about feminism.”

“It’s quite clear that my point was lost on you because, we clearly have the same feelings where sexism is concerned… maybe next time you do a bit of girl on girl critiquing in the name if feminism, maybe some fact checking wouldn’t go amiss. Just, to check you’ve understood things correctly.”

After an extensive back-and-forth between the two, Allen concluded, “maybe let’s just be nicer to each other… I don’t know you and haven’t spoken to you, and there aren’t any interviews lying around on the internet for me to dissect, cut and splice together for me to make a conclusion.”

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