Lime Cordiale Announce Deluxe Version Of ’14 Steps To A Better You’

It’s not a stretch to say few local acts have enjoyed the level of success in 2020 that Lime Cordiale have had, and their continuing to capitalise on it with the announcement of a deluxe edition of their second album, 14 Steps To A Better You.

This new version of the album comes with six new tracks for fans to sink their teeth into, including ‘Reality Check Please’ which was released today.

“It’s sometimes hard to know who’s crazy these days. Is it me, or is it you? Maybe it’s them. Who’s not overwhelmed?!” band member Louis Leimbach said of the new track in a press statement.

“We’re overstimulated most of the time and the key to a reality check is having a break from it all.”

“That’s the 15th step to the album,” Oli Leimbach said.

“The streets and venues might be empty but it’s overcrowded in our heads. You need to turn everything off in order to put it into perspective.”

The six new songs for the deluxe edition, or 14 Steps To A Better You (Relapse), were written during lockdown and in the lead up to the release of the original album.

“It didn’t feel like we were writing for another album, these songs felt like unfinished business,” Oli said.

“We’re excited to be able to deliver six new ‘steps’ for those that didn’t feel fulfilled with the self-help guide we’d already given.”

14 Steps To A Better You Relapse is out Friday, 13th November.

Listen to ‘Reality Check Please’ below.

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