Limp Bizkit Guitarist Wes Borland Is Out Here Playing Gigs With A Broken Hand

Wes Borland has brought new meaning to the term ‘Break Stuff’, revealing he’s been playing Limp Bizkit concerts with a broken hand.

For those playing at home, Wes Borland is a guitarist, for whom hands are historically considered quite important.

The axeman dropped the bombshell via his Instagram account, posting a snap showing two of his fingers taped up alongside a caption revealing that he’d just completed his first show in Russia after, once again, BREAKING HIS FUCKING HAND.

“Nailed my first show playing with a recovering broken hand,” Borland wrote. “I can’t express the amount of anxiety I was having leading up to this but three fingers [were] enough to get the job done and Krasnodar was amazing.”

He continued: “Thanks to all my brothers in @limpbizkit for believing in me and my amazing support system including @aliejoboxblock and new costuming by my friends @thewisehatter and @adelemildred for bringing it all together. Big love for Russia. Big love for Krasnodar.”


What a guy.

You can come play down under with your three working fingers anytime, Wes.

(Mind out of the gutter, you sick f*cks)

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