Limp Bizkit Ready New Single And Clip, Album Coming Soon?

Having recently had a bit of a sulk regarding the diminishing support around Limp Bizkit, frontman Fred Durst has let it be known via Twitter that the band has kicked it into gear, preparing some offerings in the not-too-distant future.

Durst fired off a tweet informing fans that the band’s next album effort, Stampede of the Disco Elephants is looking like a 2013 release, with work commencing October 1. LB will be working with their new label Cash Money and their new label boss Lil Wayne.

The vocalist has also taken the time to confirm that the next single from the release will be titled Pain and pending a meeting locking in a release date, the track will drop with a full clip. Durst also showed some rarely seen support for his bandmate Wes Borland, who is currently on tour with his other project Black Light Burns, having just released an album.

Wes commented on the recent time in the studio with Limp Bizkit, stating (Via Banana1015) “We’ve had several studio sessions now where we’ve been writing. They’ve been kind of short, three songs here, two songs there, four songs here. We’ve been writing in different ways.”

So, while Borland doesn’t seem all that excited about the process, you can bet Durst and his fans surely are, both of whom will be very interested to see how the final product goes down.

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