Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Gets Fan Kicked Off Stage For Touching His Hat

Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst has embarrassed a rowdy fan who tried to steal his hat during the band’s recent concert in Moscow.

Durst invited two fans up on stage to help him sing the band’s hit Eat You Alive – telling them “My stage is your stage, don’t fucking forget it.”

According to Banana 101.5 – Durst instead got three fans hopping up on stage to help him. Security was about to take the third one away, until Durst stepped in and let him stay.

It ended up not being the best move – while the other two fans got microphones and sang the song with Durst, the third fan just wandered around aimlessly on stage and texted his friends.

Then, during a breakdown midway through the song – as Durst told the audience “This is a special moment” – the texting fan tried to swap his hat with Durst’s, which was promptly met with a shove from the singer and security dragging him off stage.

It led to an outburst from Durst as the fan left the stage. Durst declared: “Do not fucking touch me. I will have you the fuck out. I don’t touch you, you don’t fucking touch me”. He then finished Eat You Alive with the other fan vocalists, who complied with his orders.

Check out the video of Limp Bizkit and their fans singing Eat You Alive in Moscow below. The hat-swiping incident is at 3.48.

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