Linkin Park Frontman Says Outdoor Festivals Killed The Live Experience

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington says outdoor festivals have killed the live experience. Whilst discussing his anticipation towards playing the band’s new album, The Hunting Party, live, Bennington opined that rock gigs should be played in controlled environments in the dark.

“I always prefer playing inside. Rock and roll is not meant to be played with the sun shining on your face,” Bennington explained in an interview with NME. “It can be done, but it’s done begrudgingly because we’re forced to do it. I think the outdoor festival has killed the live experience a little bit.”

“The whole idea of seeing a rock band is to be in a dark place and to be part of the show,” he continued. “When you’re sitting on the grass and the sun is shining it doesn’t fucking matter. You’re just up there playing songs. Inside, dark, lights, controlled environment – always better.”

Considering recent changes to the format of Soundwave Festival, which Linkin Park played back in 2013, the nu-metal favourites aren’t the only ones who prefer the cover of darkness for live shows. After expanding the annual hard rock event into a two-day affair, promoter AJ Maddah told fans that part of the motivation was losing “great bands over too many bands wanting to play after dark.”

Though it may be little wonder that Bennington is slightly festival-phobic after his band ran afoul of California punk rockers Sublime With Rome, whose frontman, Rome Ramirez, accused Linkin Park of calling the cops for his band’s use of marijuana during the KFMA Day festival back in May.

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