Linkin Park’s Chester Responds To Corey Taylor Telling Him “Be Grateful For What You Have”

Linkin Park‘s Chester Bennington has backtracked on comments that fans need to “move the fuck on” from Hybrid Theory after Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor called him out for it.

Bennington was angry at fans who accused the band of selling out on their most recent LP One More Light, telling them they should, “stab themselves in the face”.

Taylor then told Bennington, “Be fortunate for what you have,” and it seems that the Linkin Park singer agrees.

He took to Twitter to apologise for his comments writing, “I agree with him. I do appreciate our fans.”

“I’m human and sometimes take things too personally. Most of our fans have been very positive lately. Some… not so much.”

He reiterated that he is “grateful” for all the fans and also thinks that Taylor is a “good dude”.

“Time to recalibrate my perspective. So I say to all of our fans… Thank you and I love you all. Peace, love and happiness,” he concluded.

Now the question is whether or not Hybrid Theory fans can forgive Bennington for telling them to “stab themselves in the face”.


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