Listen To This Hella’ Funky Childish Gambino & Gorillaz Mashup

The penetrating nature of the internet these days has added another section to the life cycle of an album, that being after it’s been out for a few weeks it begins to get thrown into a steady stream of mashups.

Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover) released his hugely anticipated new album Awaken… My Love last month, and it has certainly reached that point, with master mashup creator oneboredjeu today splicing its soulful instrumentals in with the lyrics from Gorillaz‘s 2001 classic Clint Eastwood.

Fresh from mashing up the unlikeliest of companions — Mariah Carey and My Chemical Romance — oneboredjeu has now combined two songs with a similarly funky aesthetic, leading to a mashup which pits the latest Gambino with a nostalgia-invoking Gorillaz choon.

Wrap your ears around this latest work, below.

Listen: ‘Bone Eastwood’ – Childish Gambino vs. Gorillaz

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