Listen Out Ticket Scammer Hannah Valentine Convicted Of Fraud But Avoids Jail

19-year-old Perth woman Hannah Valentine has been convicted of 53 separate fraud offences, but avoided having to serve any jail time.

As reported by ABC, Valentine plead guilty to offenses related to selling fake concert tickets and using stolen credit cards, making around $10,000 in profit off the scam.

After pleading guilty at a previous court appearance, Valentine walked free after being handed a 12-month intensive supervision order. She’ll be required to complete 240 hours of community service.

Police said that Valentine operated fake accounts on Facebook and Gumtree using psedonyms including “Natalia Sparrow”, “Daniella Walsh”, “Hannah Jane Mathews”, “HannahVal”, “Sophie-Marie Lewis” and “Jessica Lewis”.

She sold fake tickets to live music events including Post Malone, Listen Out and Sets On The Beach music festivals.

“This was a scam, purely and simply a scam motivated by Ms Valentine’s greed and selfishness,” said Magistrate Thomas Hall.

“Not only did she take their hard-earned cash but she deceived them.

“Some of those people would have even gotten dressed up and attended only to be turned away at the gate, shattering their expectations of having a good day or a good time.”

Valentine’s lawyer told the judge their client had lost friends, her boyfriend and her job as a beauty therapist as a result of the scam.

Formerly an Instagram model, Valentine has since shut down her account.,

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