Listen: Public Enemy New Track ‘Get It In’

Twenty-five years in the game and Public Enemy are still the best. In celebration of the landmark, the hip hop legends plan on two back-to-back releases, funded by donations from their fans.

The track titled Get It In shows Flava Flav, Chuck D and the rest of the gang have not lost their touch, teaming up with New York-based rapper Bumpy Knuckles. The two releases have been christened Most of My Heroes Don’t Appear on No Stamp and The Evil Empire of Everything, though it’s yet to be confirmed which of the two will feature the said track.

The crew were recently in town for their anniversary tour as well as Groovin The Moo. Music Feeds were fortunate to chat with Chuck D prior to the event. Fan donations have become a very popular way for artists to fund their projects, with Amanda Palmer scoring a massive $1.2 million from her fans.

Check out Get It In below; its full of O.G swag.

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