LISTEN: Songs From New Panel Of Judges Album

Ahead of their album launch and only Sydney show for 2011 tonight at SIAMESE at GoodGod Small Club on Liverpool St in Sydney, I thought it might be nice for you all to take a sneak peak at some of the tracks from Panel Of Judges‘ latest album Moods On The Move.

Released on Mistletone and marking the Band’s first showing with new guitarist Marty Frawley (The Twerps) Moods On The Move sees the band expanding in their psychedelic pop sound, being hailed by some critics as their finest showing yet.

Panel of Judges – Coconut Trees by Mistletone

Sounding like some long lost single of The Clean‘s Coconut Trees perfectly encapsulates the band’s heavily 90s influenced sound, tipping their hats to bands like Pavement and Yo La Tengo, at the same time positioning them at the centre of the current sunny lo-fi pop trend gripping the global music market.

Panel of Judges – Dainty Vagabond by Mistletone

More down tempo and in lack of a better word, intimate Dainty Vagabond shows the less sunny side of the band, the music beginning to encroach on the distorted world of post rock pioneers Slint, while still keeping a decidedly pop oriented influence in the vocals and chord progression. Less immediate than its above counter part, Dainty Vagabond grows in appeal with each listen, the subtlety of the varying instrumental arrangement only showing it’s had after a few listens, preferably on good headphones.

Moods On The Move being the first album the band have released since the end of key songwriters Alison Bolger and Dion Nania‘s long term relationship, the album dealing with the two of them fitting into new roles in their relationship and individual lives, and with Nania soon set to move to New York, while Bolger is about to become a mother, Moods On The Move may be the last chance we get to listen to Panel Of Judges on album. Their show tonight at SIAMESE at GoodGod being their only Sydney show of 2011 (with a show following next weekend at The Tote on Saturday in Melbourne), and playing alongside local gutter outfit Circle Pit (also playing one of their local shows of the year), launching their new double A side singe Slave/Honey, as well as Marf Loth, be sure to get down for what may be the last Panel Of Judges show ever.

Panel Of Judges launch their album Moods On The Move tonight, Thurs July 14th at SIAMESE at GoodGod Small Club with support from Circle Pit and Marf Loth.

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