Listen: The Knife Stream ‘Shaking The Habitual’ In Its Entirety

The Knife’s long-awaited third album Shaking The Habitual has been released for our listening pleasure today – though the release will hit shelves both digital and otherwise in just 2 days time, the stream gives the perfect opportunity to try before you buy.

Given the fact that it’s been 7 years between albums, die-hards should tread carefully – your adored duo have composed a record that is even more disjointed than their previous two. We’ve heard the previous warning shot A Tooth For An Eye (the film clip for which still keeps us up at night) but the track is sure to take on a new life when surrounded by its peers.

Some tracks appear to be organised noise and the majority of songs don’t feature vocals. The whole thing seems fairly trendy, in fact, but the minimalistic sensibilities of The Knife might just be what you’re looking for.

With the release date this close to the end of July, and no tour dates around that time, we hereby declare The Knife as SITG potential. Now stop whatever you’re doing and vibe out to the sounds of Shaking The Habitual – the first 2 tracks are below, and the rest can be found by heading over to

Shaking the Habitual track list:

01. A Tooth for an Eye (6:04)

02. Full of Fire (9:17)

03. A Cherry on Top (8:43)

04. Without You My Life Would Be Boring (5:14)

05. Wrap Your Arms Around Me (4:36)

06. Crake (0:55)

07. Old Dreams Waiting to Be Realized (19:22)

08. Raging Lung (9:58)

09. Networking (6:42)

10. Oryx (0:37)

11. Stay Out Here (10:42)

12. Fracking Fluid Injection (9:54)

13. Ready to Lose (4:36)

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