Listen To Chet Faker’s New Single ‘Get High’

Chet Faker FKA Nick Murphy has shared a brand new single today. ‘Get High’ is a huge vibe of a song with jazzy key sounds and those signature, smooth Chet Faker vocals.

Chet Faker returned to his original moniker with the release of his last single, ‘Low’. ‘Get High’ follows on from ‘Low’ and is a really texturally interesting track, with intricate sounds.

The track premiered on triple j Breakfast. Faker told Bryce and Ebony, “I was just feeling like that.”

“The world just needs to relax right now… everyone needs to chill out. That’s what the song is, it’s kinda funny and silly. I just want people to just vibe out… take a little exit in whatever fashion they find appropriate.”

He told the radio station that the song was recorded in his home studio in New York City. The song features a snippet of a stressed out delivery driver, who was trying to get to Chet Faker to collect his food.

“I was vibing out so much that I forgot to check my phone and this dude was trying to deliver food,” he said.

As for returning to his Chet Faker roots, he told triple j, “I’ve just been following the music.”

“It sounds odd but it’s always helped me understand where I’m heading.

After realising he’d created all these Chet Faker-esque songs, he apparently thought, “I was like, ‘Now is as good a time as any’. Give people some good vibes and they’re fun songs.”

Listen to ‘Get High’ below. You’ll also find the teaser for ‘Get High’s film clip. Keep your eyes peeled — it drops some time today.

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