Listen To Liyah Knight’s Stunning New Single ‘Moon Baby’

Sydney’s Liyah Knight has shared a new single, ‘Moon Baby’. It’s a stunning single combining shimmery beats with strong, emotive vocals.

Knight sums the song up saying, “Meeting someone, loving someone; the euphoria, the excitement, the giddiness. Moon Baby is the early stages of allowing someone to be the epicentre of your mind and heart.”

“Mark sent me three different demos one night,” she continues.

“I heard this one and immediately recorded the hook. Once we finished writing the song, I worked closely with IAMMXO to bring it to its final state.

Referring to her most recent EP, Liyah Knight says the new single is the, “perfect bridge from the end of ‘Nesting’ to the beginning of ‘Travellers Guide’.”

Travellers Guide is Knight’s forthcoming EP. She says ‘Moon Baby’ picks up exactly where she left off with Nesting’s closing track, ‘Somebody, You’.

‘Moon Baby’ comes with a music video directed by Tristan Stefan Edouard. You can watch it down below.

The new single will feature on the forthcoming EP. Travellers Guide is due for release Friday, 24th September.

Liyah Knight appeared on The Set with Peking Duk last night for the season finale.

Watch the music video for ‘Moon Baby’ below.

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