Listen To THE RIOT’s New Single ‘Same Blunt’

THE RIOT have unleashed a sick new single this morning. ‘Same Blunt’ is a riff-heavy, speedy single that sees the three-piece layer up genres, switching between hard rock, rap, and reggae and it goes hard.

The thrashing guitars, layered vocals, and intensity of the track is honestly just delightful.

“It all started with that guitar riff you hear at the beginning of the song, then everyone threw in their own spice,” says vocalist, JD.

The band’s second single, ‘Same Blunt’ was produced by Matt Corby and his producer, Alex Henriksson and THE RIOT reckon there’s an unshakeable bond there.

“[Henriksson] was really able to take our disjointed pieces and glue them together,” says JD on the coming together of the tracks.

‘Same Blunt’ follows up their debut single ‘Dog In The Shade’. It has less of those thrashing guitar sounds but is filled with hard AF vocals.

Have a listen to THE RIOT’s ‘Same Blunt’ below.

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