Listen: Trent Reznor’s Theme Song For ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops II’

Video game buffs will have the sweet sounds of Trent Reznor to accompany their next all-nighter trying to tear eachother in the new Call of Duty game Black Ops II.

The Nine Inch Nails frontman has done the theme song for the latest game in the popular series, and Consequence of Sound have aptly described it as “the perfect music to listen to while blowing up your enemies with a helicopter”.

Reznor had previously told USA Today’s Game Hunters that he presented the unique composing method to developers when he first started working on the track.

“What I did was present them with the concept of ‘Let’s have it arranged semi-orchestrally, but let’s have the voice be an instrument’,” he said.

“Let’s veer it more towards guitar, bass, drum rock band aggression. And I don’t mean in a corny rock and roll way, but let’s have a more modern foundation in terms of how it sounds. But let’s have the way the voices are arranged mimic an orchestral range. If that makes sense.”

Take a listen to the theme song and make up your own mind below:

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