Little Red Lose Another Member

Melbourne band Little Red have recently become even littler. Bassist Quang Dinh has decided to call it quits, only a matter of months after the founding member and vocalist made the same move.

Dinh had been a key member of the band for around 6 years, so it was no easy move to throw in the towel. Much like vocalist Tom Hartney, the bassist has jumped ship to focus on a new music project Naked Bodies. The band took to their official Facebook to make the announcement, which reads as follows:

To all friends of Little Red,

The fuel tank is empty, the dinosaurs are extinct, the power has been cut, the milk is sour, the toast is burnt, the fire extinguished, the back is broken, the needle worn, the train delayed till the end of time.

Now, the dog is dead, the body hungry, the mind alone and the spirit tired.

Thank you for the past 6 years. I have been blessed and privileged to have experienced as much as I have with this band and I hope some joy or good came out of it for you and everybody else involved. But as you make a contract with life, you make a contract with death. And without sadness, there will be no more footsteps here.

Tonight, it is time to leave the safety of the second womb. Re-entering the world naked, hungry and free.

This puts a huge question mark over the future of the band as rumours continue to spread that another member, Taka Honda, was ‘deported’ and has begun working on a new band The Hondas. Adding fuel to that fire is a comment on that band’s Facebook page stating: “survived another deportation. Back in studio and working on the new record”.

So while it’s sad that Little Red could be no more, we now have two new bands to obsess over. How good are silver linings!

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