Living End Begin Work On Album Number Six

Chris Cheney from The Living End has released a little statement updating fans on the current situation with the band, and the good news is, the boys are writing and demoing songs for a new album. While no more details are known, from the sounds of it expect another cracking album from the Melbourne trio. Full statement below:

“Some of you may care to know we have begun work on album #6 and we are off to a great start. Yeeha! After Chill Island we jumped into the studio for a week and demoed about 7 new songs. It’s never been the easiest task to write on the road so we didn’t know quite how the first round would turn out. We were pleasantly surprised.

It’s hard to describe how they sound, but we can say that we’re really excited thus far. Some are very TLE sounding and some are not, but we’ve been pushing ourselves to keep it powerful, epic and above all else ROCKIN’! There are some definite standouts and quite possibly the most simple songs we’ve ever written which has been very liberating.

A couple of the songs have almost an INXS like dance feel (don’t worry it also has a metal sounding guitar riff! It’s all good!) One that has a very early Oils flavour and a couple are just big and anthemic. It’s a mixed bag but overall they have a very positive flavour to them.

I’m currently freezing my ass off in New York attempting to do a bit of writing and snowman making. Old York is still a mystery. construction of songs going well but construction of snowman not. As I write this there is a blizzard outside and even in this weather NY is such a vibrant electric place.

Saw John Butler Trio at the Bowery Ballroom last week. Damn that guy can play!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that despite it seeming like down time in TLE camp, behind the scenes it is full steam ahead. We have more studio time booked for the end of March to put some more ideas down.”

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