Lockout Laws Spell More Accidents In Sydney CBD

The introduction of Sydney’s controversial lockout laws has caused a spike in pedestrians being hit by cars. As The Daily Telegraph reports, more people have been involved in these types of accidents since the laws were introduced than during the holiday period – the busiest for nightlife.

An analysis of NSW ambulance statistics show a “lethal” increase in pedestrian accidents involving vehicles since the 1:30am curfew laws came into effect in February. The numbers show that 11 pedestrians were hit by cars in the CBD between 8pm and 5am in the nine weeks since the laws came into effect and the end of April, compared with 8 over the Christmas and New Year’s period.

The Telegraph write that punters rushing across roads to get into licensed venues before the curfew begins and later scrambling for cabs after the 3am last call is to blame for the increase in incidents. Ambulance Inspector James Porter said drugs and alcohol were a factor in many of the accidents.

“Our main concern is people walking from one licensed venue to another, or making their way home while intoxicated,” Inspector Porter told the Telegraph. “Their judgment is impaired… more and more people are jaywalking… people are taking risks.” Meanwhile, Pedestrian Council of Australia chairman Harold Scruby has also voiced concern over the rising number of accidents in the CBD.

“People are all coming out at once instead of being dispersed over several hours,” he said. “Often when they come out en masse they are behaving stupidly and showing off.” The NSW government recently announced they would continue their crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence in the CBD.

Yesterday, the Telegraph reported that the two most common causes of alcohol-related severe injury after midnight are now falls down stairs and traffic accidents, particularly pedestrian incidents. And while violence is down inside Kings Cross venues, it may be spilling into the streets.

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