The Lonely Island Debut Two Amazing New Tracks From Their Imminent ‘Popstar’ Mockumentary

The world’s greatest pop sensation Conner4Real (AKA Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island) has just unveiled two thunderous new bangers from his forthcoming feature-length tour doco (AKA mockumentary LOLfest) Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Captain Samberg and his spoofball trio are getting ready to return to the big screen with what is essentially a straight-up Justin Bieber pisstake.

And now they’re tickling our pickles with two brand new tracks hot off its forthcoming soundtrack, and they’re deadset comedy masterpieces.


As usual, The Lonely Island have manipulated pop tropes *Like A Boss* to create two songs that would probably burn up the charts if they were released by Kanye West or Rihanna (and didn’t feature such ridiculous yet smart lyrics).

The first track, I’m So Humble, features guest vocals from Maroon 5’s Adam Levine (who previously teamed up with Samberg & co on 2013’s YOLO).

TLI deliver a genius send-up of the modern popstar attitude by boasting about how humble they are, over the top of an earworm hook that will drill itself into your brain and NEVER LEAVE. Bonus points for the A+ rhyme “Arnold Schwartzenorgurary”.

While the second tune, Mona Lisa, is an amazing slice of pop that dismantles western culture’s tendency to romanticise Da Vinci’s famous painting by singing about their IRL dud reactions to seeing the “overrated piece of shit/original basic bitch” for the very first time.

Crank ’em below via Spotify and get excited for the film’s Aussie premiere on Thursday, 25th August.

Alternatively, watch the official trailer here.

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